TV Trash: 10 Worst South Park Episodes

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  1. Megan Payette says:

    South Park – Offending EVERYONE since 1997.

  2. Ben Dover says:

    I´am watching all of your vids, at the moment.( not at the same time).Huge South Park fan,but i agree to much gore and violence sometimes during the show.But Assburger, i´am mean thats hilarious, also we now all know what a rimjob is.

    • reversalmushroom says:

      The “ass burger” joke was stupid. That’s like the people who make Uranus jokes and laugh at 69.

  3. Bryan Shadowolf says:

    Hi, Chris. I just want to alert you on how you said Trey Parker & Matt Stone never apologised to the Ramseys for the way they were portrayed in Butters’ Very Own Episode. They actually kind of did in 2011 stating that they regretted how Gary Condit and the Ramseys were portrayed in the episode.

    Still a big fan of TV Trash. I managed to find this shows that you might want to do in the future: Stressed Eric (US Dub), Minipops, The Powers of Matthew Star, Don’t Scare the Hare, Ben Elton: Live from Planet Earth, afterMASH, Bad Judge, The Brighton Belles, Come Back Mrs. Noah, Dads, Hello, Larry, We Got It Made & Work It.

  4. Here’s a suggestion, although I think it’ll be controversial- the Game of Thrones/Black Friday parody trio: Black Friday/A Song of Ass and Fire/Titties and Dragons

    It’s that it’s one of the few times I think the parody is incorrect or misplaced, that ruins it a bit for me. It repeatedly comments on Game of Thrones having male nudity, yet aside from the last episode of the arc being called “Titties and Dragons”, completely overlooks the female nudity in the show, as well as all the sex.

    Butters implied to be bisexual or at least bi-curious was already done plenty of times in the episodes “The F Word” and “Cartman Sucks”, so it just seems like a rehash.

    Furthermore, I do not understand what they’re trying to do with all the GoT nudity jokes and references. Um, hello? Game of Thrones is a television series aimed at adults- they’re allowed to have sex and violence and bad language in it.

    It also concludes in the end that PS4/Xbox One console war is pointless and they’re all “Let’s just play outside”, which to me, gives the idea that if you are a Playstation fan or an Xbox fan, you’re stupid for being fanatical about it, or that you’re stupid for supporting one console, when the reality is, most people could only afford one console at a time, so how is that unreasonable? The hypocrisy will taste quite sweet if South Park: The Stick of Truth ever gets ported to Xbox One and PS4, or if any sequel to it is made, which will likely appear on those systems.

    It’s also that I get how it’s trying to mock people literally fighting each other over Black Friday sales, but it never seems to condemn or comment on how it’s maybe the fault of the people for fighting, and how they should have self-control and try to be polite and so on. Perhaps they’ve given up and accepted that people on Black Friday will readily get into punch-ups?

    • darkrage6 says:

      Consoles wars are stupid IMO, they are for 12-year olds like Angry Joe said. I don’t like it when either side has to insult the other, I like both consoles.

  5. SpiderTaz says:

    Since you did a top ten worst episodes list of South Park, you should do a top ten best episodes list of the show. And Family Guy should be knocked down another peg when the episode “Secondhand Spoke” aired during the twelfth season. That episode comes off as hypocritical when Peter becomes a spokesman for an anti-smoking campaign, but was asked to keep smoking to maintain his piss poor health. That episode pretty much rendered Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington moot.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Well, I am daring to look at South Park episodes that I actually like more in my Patreon exclusive reviews; I think the one I have planned for January will surprise some people. As for the Family Guy episode – I will definitely look into that one for the Patreon reviews as well.

    • Rachel j says:

      And worst of all they fired him after the guy who hired him went to a NASCAR ace and figured out everyone there looks worse then peter. It’s never specified if they smoked, but it was just a dumb joke about NASCAR and then it ends with peter being stuck with the deformed face at the end and making it this big deal even though the characters know everything will return to status quo.

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