TV Trash: 10 Most Screwed Over Shows

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  1. Matthew Lipton says:

    Yeah, for shows that got screwed over, it’s not as bad a hate group or a corporation demanding something that shows them in a negative light be taken off the air, it’s pretty cynical and idiotic: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It was a great show: great art-style, great writing, great voice cast and a great depiction of the Marvel universe, finding ways to combine the best of Marvel’s stories and character concepts, not only show-casing the Avengers before the movie did, but characters who had yet to even have a movie green-lit at the time (Black Panther, Luke Cage, etc), but also characters who haven’t had the best luck when it comes to adaptations, like the Fantastic Four. Honostly, it was a sign that Marvel finally had an animated show to rival DC’s own Justice League cartoon. ENTER. JEOPH. LOEB. AND. MAN. OF. ACTION. After Jeoph Loeb became head of Marvel Animation, he had the writers stop doing story arcs and just do episodic stories, although that wasn’t too bad and if the series had continued to go on like that, it would have been a fair trade. BUT NOOOOOO! Disney/Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (AKA, imagine Family Guy if it had superheroes and was twice as stupid) made by Man of Action Studios advertised Marvel characters closer to the movies and advertised toys more (because who wants to buy Hawkeye and his Sky-Cycle, when you can give Spider-Man a vehicle HE DOESN’T NEED TO SELL CRAP!?!?!?), so screw the critical praise we were getting! Let’s cancel the best animated show we ever made and replaced it with a boring, idiotic advertisement for the movies named “Avengers Assemble!” But it’s OK, because according to Mr. Loeb, no one was watching EMH because people were alienated by the continuity, and kids can’t fallow that kind of thing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cosmic Space Queen says:

    I would like to argue that of the two, Teen Titans got treated better by CN as a whole than Young Justice did. Yes, it was sad that the show was canned but at least it was canned with any big story issues actually ended. That doesn’t mean that the show could have continued but at least the last episode FELT like THE LAST EPISODE and it was one that I personally feel a lot of people missed the point of, even all these years later. After watching it again, it feels like the whole point of the episode was to point out that things change and they change without our control and in directions that we might not like. What do we do though? We move on and make things better instead of letting it get us down. Beast Boy moving on from Terra not having memories of him was part of that, especially since the whole Terra/Beast Boy thing was shipping for the hope of shipping from the fans and even though I did like it, I wasn’t torn up that it wasn’t met 100% in the series, especially since Terra as a character did a great sacrifice of herself to show how much of a hero she was. It wasn’t a fairy tale ending but it showed that Terra was a truly a Teen Titan in that respect that she saved the city and reclaimed her own rather than just being a puppet to Slade.

    Young Justice? Young Justice was just a mess and it was handled badly from the start, the same with Thundercats. Granted, I am a bigger fan of Thundercats than YJ but I can see why YJ fans were pissed that this show was axed. Most of the DC line up were shit-canned from the start since Warner had no idea how to handle the block, especially when they were up against Disney and Marvel and Nick with TMNT and Avatar (and maybe Hub with MLP?) It was a good race but Warner and DC stumbled when they kept jumbling up their programming without warning and just left the entire DC Nation block to rot, a sad thing since I think that DC Nation could have been the rebirth of good DC based shows but aside from Thundercats, which isn’t even a DC property funny that, I couldn’t get into any of the shows. The shorts were great but the main shows themselves were just meeeh. Beware the Batman was just AWFUL and LOOKED awful, Young Justice, while trying to be both TT and JL, came off as incredibly heavy handed and too moody for even its action, Greenlantern wasn’t that interestesting….so yeah. It could have been handled better.

    • darkrage6 says:

      Young Justice is an awesome show and not “badly handled” at all, and i’m glad it’s coming back.

      Teen Titans last episode did not feel like a series finale to me, it felt like a complete non-ending, I totally agree with Linkara on that.

  3. darkrage6 says:

    Beware the Batman was an awesome show, it did not deserve the terrible treatment it got.

  4. darkrage6 says:

    One Million Moms? One Million Cunts is more like it.

  5. Rachel says:

    One word–“Revolution.” A promising post-apocalyptic sci-fi series gets canceled on a cliffhanger. Granted, it was resolved later in a comic-book series, but the fact is, the show ended abruptly before it was given a chance. It got bounced around too much to build a real following.

    • darkrage6 says:

      Honorable mention for the list- every Disney show that ended solely because of Disney’s stupid 65 episode rule(Recess especially given how high it’s ratings were), and those shows that didn’t even make it that far like Phil of the Future.

      Lots of game shows also got screwed over-the revival of 21, Winning Lines, The Chamber, Million Dollar Password, Greed, It’s Your Chance of a Lifetime, Million Dollar Money Drop, Million Dollar Mind Game, Who’s Still Standing?, Downfall, Paranoia, Power of Ten, etc

      • TV Trashman says:

        Darkrage6, What’s your take on the many screwed up/jumped the shark/boned the fish revivals of classic Goodson-Todman/Mark Goodson shows done by Pearson Television/FremantleMedia?:

        The Price is Right, Match Game, Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, Card Sharks and Beat the Clock.

        I’ll exclude Million Dollar Password from the list since you already mentioned that your comment above me.

        • darkrage6 says:

          Wasn’t aware of the revivals for those shows so can’t really comment on those.

          • TV Trashman says:

            Sorry to hear that, I’ve also excluded I’ve Got a Secret since that at the time was revived twice for cable and was not produced by Pearson Television/Fremantle although they currently own the rights to it (along with other classic Goodson-Todman/Goodson properties)

            mainly Oxygen Media in 2000 for the Stephanie Miller version for Oxygen and Burt Dubrow in 2006 for the Bil Dwyer version for GSN (a.k.a. Game Show Network).

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