TV Trash: 10 Greatest Snarks

Yeah, I’m sure everyone will agree with this list…

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3 Responses to TV Trash: 10 Greatest Snarks

  1. SpiderTaz says:

    Can you please review My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the near future?

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I would never say never, but I can’t say it’s likely to happen in the near future, if nothing else, because so many have/are already making reviews of it. You’re probably more likely to see a review of something like “My Little Pony and Friends” first on this show, I have to admit.

  2. Zarus Tyran says:

    If you remake this list I would suggest Niles from The Nanny. His favorite target was C.C. Babcock, At the very least he should get an honorable mention with how many times he nailed her with sarcasm rather then the kind of nailing she wanted from their boss.

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