TV Trash: 10 Dumbest Power Rangers Moments

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    I’m actually surprised nothing other then the theme of “Operation Overdrive” made your list. Or “Super Megaforce” for that matter. Also idea for Halloween: “She-Wolf of London”.

  2. Antiyonder says:

    Yeah, Alpha’s Magical Christmas can definitely be dismissed from the series canon. Especially as the special has Tommy as the Green Ranger despite Rocky, Adam and Aisha being acknowledged as members in the episode.

    • Antiyonder says:

      1. The Ninja Turtles mistaking the Rangers as comic book characters could have worked if the crossover happened early in Mighty Morphin. Before things like the team having an actual television appearance that reaffirmed their existence (but then we actually had the TMNT crew on Oprah during that concert period).

      2. As for the SPD numbers, eh, sometimes Japan will incorporate English a little more in their shows. Heck, they frequently use English/Engrish descriptions of their color ranks in some shows like Carranger where they specifically said Red Racer for example.

      • rowdycmoore says:

        I have heard since making this video that sometimes Western culture will be incorporated into these shows. That’s fine; like I said, I admit not being very knowledgable on that.

        • Jason Waguespack says:

          Also, in anime a lot of time you’ll see the show’s title in English instead of Japanese kanji (like Bleach and Naruto for example).

  3. The cell phone morphers never bother me because in most series they’re supposed to be keeping their identities a secret from the general public (the reasons never stated but a few could be theorized). I also don’t mind the Mystic Force theme because at least they work in a music store and one of them is a party DJ. The failed attempt to replicate a treasure hunt riddle in Overdrive makes it worse but compared to Max’s reveal it’s hardly the worst thing about that show.

  4. Antiyonder says:

    A couple more cents to offer, though I guess due to how the set up works, I have to do it in two/three posts:
    1. Have to risk coming off as a Linkara parrot. True A Different Shade of Pink doesn’t have the Sword of Power, but it still feels like the best departure made by one of the original five when you consider:

    • Antiyonder says:

      – Her departure coming out of nowhere? I don’t know. I mean even early in the 3 parter, it’s made clear that her desire to train with the coach will compromise her ability to do her Ranger duties. Leaving entirely is the logical extension of that commitment.

      – Lack of the original actors in The Power Transfer meant that Jason, Zack and Trini couldn’t really interact with their successors or even pick them to take over. And while Passing the Torch does have those scenes of Tommy, Tanya, Adam and Kat picking the new members, it’s done in a rushed fashion and at best works mostly with Adam and Carlos.

      • Antiyonder says:

        By ADSoP, Kim and Kat have had a chance to see each other frequently, plus Kat persuades Kim not to let her fear prevent her from pursuing her dream. Gives a lot of weight towards that power transfer even without a sword to do so.

        • Antiyonder says:

          2. Pudgy Pig’s weakness to spicy foods: More of a fun tidbit really. But in the Sentai the weakness was a rare, magical root (the one in Sentai footage that Trini is shown putting in a sandwich).

          To obtain it, the Zyurangers have to eat a huge feast prepared by a being called Gnome. In the end it falls upon Boi (Trini’s counterpart) to consume one last bit of carrot while being full.

  5. TV Trashman says:

    Like I said before in the Top 10 Kickass Female Heroines video in 2016, “reboots in this day and age usually stink to the high heaven as they are only turn to quick cash grabs just by easily slapping on a well-known name so that people will buy into it with absolutely no effort or though put into it whatsoever which of course makes many old school fans who grew up watching the original movie or television show when they were kids get ticked off”.

    Simply put folks, never, and I really mean never trust reboots!

  6. Steve says:

    Even MMPR has a bad rap number or two. A rapping monster, even!

  7. TV Trashman says:

    I wonder which 1994 Christmas special was considered the worst of all-time: Alpha’s Magical Christmas or We Wish You a Turtle Christmas?

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