TOLTA: A Bunch of Fox Kids

TLOTA (Audio as he zooms past the Camera): HO BOY! HO BOY! HO JOY! (Cut to James tossing his backpack off his shoulder and over the couch)

TLOTA (excited beyond reproach and looking like he did in the 1990’s): YES! YES! YES! DON’T LET IT START YET! DON’T LET IT START YET! DON’T LET IT START YET!

Rebecca (Audio): James, Just so you are aware you are Uno Loco Bastarda! (Cut to Paulo & Rebecca Fonseca, John & Mike Santos, Renee Miller and Eric Kurtzke standing at the front door looking like they did in the 1990’s)

Rebecca: We look freaking ridiculous!

Eric: I never wore clothes like this, it is totally illogical for me to dress like this!

Renee: Yeah James, I will do certain things for you but looking this freaking ridiculous is where I draw the line!

John Santos: I don’t know, I kind of like this!

Mike Santos: You would!

Paulo: Besides even I think this stuff is stupid. (Cut to James on the couch sliding over to his right)

TLOTA: You guys don’t understand it is all part of the experience. We all act like we got home, Put our belongings down, grab a bite to eat and get ready to relax in front of the TV.

(Rowdy, wearing a t-shirt that says “Ballpark in Arlington’s First Opening Day: April 11, 1994,” pops in on to the couch from out of nowhere via Jeannie blink)

Rowdy: OK, I’m here. What’s this about “Nostalgia Block Party – Bring your 90s cred?”

What indeed? Find out HERE!!!

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