TLOTA: The Willow in the winds

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Paulo: Hey James

TLOTA: Oh hey Paulo.

Paulo: Got a lot of Fan mail?

TLOTA: Not really, most of this is for your sister. Me I’ve got the bomb threats, IEDs, tracker tags for assassins to find me and all sorts lovely hate mail mostly coming from Christy Romano and so many other women I had crushes on and hate my stinking guts and a daily load of Bills and some group that “Works for the betterment of the Government” ordering me to Shut Down Production. Like I’d do that and there’s quite a few requests saying “Why don’t you talk about a movie you like but no one else likes?” Plus with things so hectic I discovered one of Rowdy’s devices went on the fritz so I had to call my old friends Renee, John, Mike & Eric to send ORAC to help fix the problems including reversing the Polarity of The Neutron Flow to said Device.

Paulo: Renee, John, Mike & Eric?

TLOTA: Yeah, John Santos and his brother Mike and my old pal Eric Neil Kurtzke. When John found out I was going to resume production He and Mike wanted in and I figured if I was going to bring them in, I wanted to bring Eric into the mix. Renee, asked if I needed a little extra female power in my reviews and I said “The More the Merrier”.

Rebecca (Audio only): So how much Fan Mail did I get this month?

TLOTA: Another fifty bags and at least 95% of the letters are coming from guys begging you not to Marry Nick. (Rebecca walks into the office.)

Rebecca: I know what to do with them, Recycle them!

TLOTA: Nice, Act locally and Think Globally. (Rebecca looks through one of the letters and finding one.)

Rebecca: Hey James, this one guy has a good point about you reviewing a movie you like but no one else does.

TLOTA: Well which one do I pick?

Paulo: Well I know you said in your September Editorial that you might review “Willow” sometime soon, so why not now?

Which movie will that be? Find out here!!

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