TLOTA: The End of Mankind Part Five

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Nerdlinger: I hope E-Rod don’t mind if I take a drink. (E-Rod lands on Nerdlinger and the two get up and shake off what happened.) E-Rod! What are you doing in the fridge?

E-Rod: Well, I figure hey it’s Florida, it’s warm. I’d chill out in the fridge. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I WAS DOING IN THERE?!

Nerdlinger: Staying cool?! (E-Rod ughs then sighs!)

E-Rod: I can’t stay mad at you. JARVIS, What’s going on?

JARVIS: The Last Of The Americans accidentally teleported Lazarus Dark and has tasked him into studying A Paradox Rift. Lazarus has taken the ship

E-Rod: WHAT? The shit just hit the fan. Sorry about cursing in front of you Nerdlinger.

And it continues to hit the fan HERE!!

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