TLOTA: A Whole Lot of Pussycats

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TLOTA (Voiceover): Believe it or not when I was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY younger, I occasionally saw an episode of “JEM” and when I heard that Hollywood is making a live action version of this cartoon my reaction was “eh” at best that is until I saw the trailers and I just said to myself “No! Just….Just NO!” and to answer why that was my reaction is because they obviously missed the mark by galaxies. Because from what little of the series I saw, there was action, adventure, comedy, women with questionable theatrical makeup designs outside of KISS who look friggin bad ass in their gear and just enough energy to make people enjoy its harmless fun and if the trailer is any indication of what this film is gonna be, let’s say if you see either The Nostalgia Critic or The Blockbuster Buster tagging up with Nash from “Radio Dead Air” to take this turkey on, you’ll know why I’m not reviewing it. (Cut to James physically)

TLOTA: But I will give the movie this, it didn’t have a “Post “She’s All That”” Rachel Leigh Cook, a “Pre-“Sharknado”” Tara Reid and a “Pre-“Netflix & Marvel Daredevil” series” Rosario Dawson.

Are we about to see a glimpse into how history will repeat itself? Find out here!!

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