State of Rowdy C – Summer 2015

Well, the spring season of TV Trash has come to a close with the most recent review of the ALF animated series. Hopefully it will help spread the word of that series and help it get the media release it deserves.

In the meantime, some advance notice for all of you. You remember last year there were pretty much no Rowdy videos produced over the summer and definitely no Summer Spectacular as I had to deal with the fallout of the Blipocalypse. Well, nothing like that has happened this year, but there still won’t be that many videos coming over the summer. At the moment, it looks like there will be only one TV Trash released each of the summer months.

Does this mean that TV Trash will soon be coming to an end? Heck no! There is still a bunch of material out there to critique and I love entertaining all of you too much. This is just me needing to take a bit of a breather in order to keep fresh. I know that I probably take these extended breaks more often than some other reviewers, but keep in mind I still need to work another job while continuing to produce my videos, and when I try to balance work, videos and other possible relaxation time a full 52 weeks a year (I was also trying to run a sports blog, which I have since stopped), I was at the risk of burnout.

So what will be happening instead? Well, don’t worry, because I still have plans to provide material over the summer that won’t be as time-consuming but hopefully will be entertaining for you. I will be releasing a select few of my Rowdy Riffs onto streaming to help show what you can get when you join my Patreon, and naturally new Rowdy Riffs should be produced for those Patreons over the summer.. NewsCrap should return, as well as some sketch ideas that I have had that I can hopefully produce rather simply.

Above all else, I want to get back to writing books. The second volume of the Quest Seekers series will hopefully be released sometime over the summer, and in the meantime, I am looking to get back to working on the third volume.

All in all, there should still be lots of stuff for you to enjoy this summer.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends!

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  1. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Hey Chris, it’s Scott S. If there’s room in your schedule, how about an addendum to the TMNT retrospective, with a fuller look at the first season and a brand new episode on the second? The third can wait for after the end of the season

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