State of Rowdy C – Fall 2015

Greetings, my Rowdy Friends!

Well, with yesterday’s posting, we are ready to begin another full season of TV Trash. And with that comes a new set of what I plan to do with the distribution of the show. As you are all aware, the inevitable happened over the summer when Blip TV shut down, leaving a lot of reviewers and producers struggling to find a way to show their videos. Since my Blip channel was killed last year, I have found myself putting my video helter skelter for who will accept them. It’s time to simplify things.

As you may have already noticed, I am choosing to now upload just the video promos to my Dailymotion channel. While it will not be exclusive, I am for now looking to help increase traffic to Manic Expression, the one site that has actually been paying out somewhat, so each subsequent TV Trash will be posted just to there for at least the first few days.

As for posting the videos elsewhere: I am going to give YouTube one final try. I think I have figured out a way to help get around the detection bots and YouTube’s draconian system. If it works, I should regularly upload each new TV Trash to YouTube a few days after the Manic posting while getting older episodes up whenever I can.

Despite all of this, I am having to come to terms with the reality that I am likely not going to make money relying on monetized videos and ads via streaming sites. I need to take further control of areas like my Pateron campaign.

That is why I am making ths new declaration: if you can all help Rowdy C reach $1000 a month in revenue through Patreon contributions and the like, I will make all the videos available to you and commercial free! This includes uploading and embedding all videos from my OneDrive accounts where they will be safe from getting blocked! You will never have to worry about copyright claims on TV Trash again!

So help spread the word! I am fast approaching 1000 YouTube subscribers, so each one of them donating just one dollar a month would help reach that goal! You can all help take Rowdy C to the next level!

Stay Rowdy, my friends!

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  1. SteveZ says:

    Hi sir have you ever considered reviewing and old Nickelodeon show called Out Of Control. I had a pre Full House Dave Coulier, and it was the first original Nickelodeon series.

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