Rowdy Reviews: South Park Safe Spaces

Full, uncensored version HERE.

As a holiday treat, I will be releasing some of my Patreon exclusive reviews to you all!

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4 Responses to Rowdy Reviews: South Park Safe Spaces

  1. Just more proof I want nothing to do with South Park.

    Also, the page keeps shifting to the Onedrive posting page before I could write anything. I had to copy/paste from Notepad and hit enter before it shifted back. I don’t know if this happened for anyone else.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Because of this, I have replaced the OneDrive embed with a link. I am still trying to figure out how OneDrive embeds work.

  2. Sky-Byte says:

    I thought it was because of narcissism that they spoofed safe spaces. Like the Steven Universe fan art incident which involved fat shamming.

  3. Rachel Newstead says:

    Thank you, Chris, for this review. There was always something that bothered me about this episode, but I could never quite verbalize it until your post.

    Matt and Trey seem to be espousing the “bullying builds character” argument–people just need to toughen up rather than do something about it. Sorry, but no. It’s rather like saying that as long as I’m out in public, people have the right to scream obscenities in my ear nonstop, and I’m just a wimp if I dare to complain.

    And while some college students have taken the idea of safe spaces to a ridiculous extreme, the notion of a safe space is not a bad thing. I’m transgender, and if I were still a young college student, I think I’d welcome having a place where I don’t have to hear people scream “fag”. I mean, they have the whole wide world–I can’t have one room?

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