Rowdy Reviewer Special: JFK vs Lee Harvey Oswald

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  1. Ryan says:

    Out of curiosity what is your take on the wm3 (for me it’s a rather thorny issue. On one hand damian echols was a narcissistic asshole who probably would have gone to jail anyway and supporters were irresponsible to go after john mark Byers. On the other hand there is no evidence placing them at the scene, jesse miskelleys multiple “confessions” can be explained as either a kid who was so tired scared confused and not smart he honestly believed he did it, someone who was led to think it was in their interests to confess/tricked into thinking their lawyers were out to get them or being to drained to think about what was being said, the fact that the physical wounds were probably predation the fact that one if the step parents has no alibi and is the likely owner of a hair found on the bodies of one of the victims in a way that probably wasn’t secondary transfer + history of violence

  2. Ryan says:

    Yes many conspiracy theories are absurd. But the fact remains that we don’t have the answers. Some documents have yielded interesting theories and tidbits like that the CIA knew more about oswalds moves than they let on

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