Rowdy Reviewer Special: JFK vs Lee Harvey Oswald



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4 Responses to Rowdy Reviewer Special: JFK vs Lee Harvey Oswald

  1. My thinking on all of this is that people should see the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death for the common ground, it was a national tragedy that shook the United States out of the 1950s belief that this was a perfect country that could never do wrong. Conspiracy theories in my opinion are a comfort blanket for people who can never accept the truth, and to be honest I think people who cling to them are more concerned with missing the history that never was, never mind that something else could have happened instead that might have been worse.

    As for me, I was born in 1982 and unlike my mom who saw this event unfold as a child, for me it was textbook material along with the Civil Rights Movement, just as 9/11 and the Iraq War will be for any kids that I have in the future. I’m stuck with the world I was given, and while there are things about history that are both good or bad, the only time period we have to work with is the present and we learn history mainly to learn what is the right thing to do for our future. The wrong thing to do is take everything out of context and claim that we are victims of the past and that the living children of those who hurt us are enemies, and sadly that is where many of us go wrong today.

  2. Emily J. says:

    JFK: Seriously, WHY do people like Oliver Stone’s movies anyway? I don’t get that not only because of what you pointed out, but also because of the amount of blatant Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy that he just can’t seem to go ONE movie without!

    Quantum Leap in “Lee Harvey Oswald”: I’ve never seen or grew up with Quantum Leap since I was born 2 years later, but the concept is interesting. But the idea of someone having a piece of the memory of someone like Lee Harvey Oswald sounds scary. Kudos to you and Donald P. Bellisario.

  3. Jon says:

    The major problem with conspiracy “theories” like JFK’s assassination or Sandy Hook being a “false flag”is that they often rely on such utterly defective logic and utterly fantastic/nonsensical sets of situations that there’s no way that they could be pulled off in the real world.

    One has to remember a quote from an episode of Yes, Prime Minister in which PM Hacker says to his Cabinet secretary Sir Humphry Appleby “one must always remember, the ship of state is the only ship that leaks from the top down”.after being told of a cabinet plot against him and deciding to go tell a reporter freind of his about it.

    In other words: governments are about as good at keeping secrets as a colander is at retaining water.

    Or alternatively: They’re all a gunmen short of a grassy knoll.

  4. Zarus Tyran says:

    I myself have looked at the issue of Kennedy’s assassination from every angle and my view is a split between the two sides shown. While I do believe Lee Harvey Oswald WAS the lone shooter, I would not be surprised is an agent from one of the military companies making a killing due to the cold war goaded him a little into trying and then tricked someone else into killing him to keep the truth quite. Such a conspiracy is far more believable then the bull of the Oliver Stone film, since it CAN be kept quite because so few would be in on it. And all it would need is a push by a couple of people in the right directions. As Rowdy himself said there are flaws in ALL the theories behind the assassination, and this is just my own theory. Anyone who can give reasons why it can’t work are welcome to give it as unlike the nuts I AM willing to listen.

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