Rowdy Reviewer: Even More Frak (Clear?) Ups

Let’s take care of some issues I think some of you have regarding the show as we prepare for the return of TV Trash…

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6 Responses to Rowdy Reviewer: Even More Frak (Clear?) Ups

  1. Riana says:

    There’s no chance that you could review The Crazy Ones soon, is there?

  2. lexuamaru says:

    Very,VERY classy way to end it,Chris Lee

  3. SpiderTaz says:

    Heard about what happened to Robin Williams?

  4. Emily J. says:

    2. That’s sweet.

    3. Yes it is shocking that you don’t watch King of the Hill despite the fact that you’re a native Texan. And it’s nice that you know about TheMysteriousMrEnter because he does a pretty good job reviewing SpongeBob episodes.

    4. I didn’t know about this show until 2 years ago, so that doesn’t really bother me.

  5. That would also explain why there are unlikeable girl characters in Peanuts, Charles Schultz must have never gotten along with girls very much as a child and had a hard time adjusting to adolescence, same with me. As for everything else, yeah Spongebob would be a waste of energy to go after even though fans of the early seasons are in their twenties now, and having more generic theme music makes more sense. Though I admit that if I ever have that music review show I once wanted to do, I always thought of having the Beatles version of “Rock and Roll Music” as the theme.

    By the way, I’m going to be going to Boulder later today to take a picture of the Mork and Mindy house, and I’m going to e-mail it to you if that’s alright.

  6. Zarus Tyran says:

    I still question the football gag in first kiss, but that’s mainly due to the fact that even someone like Schultz should know that it would makes no sense to blame Charlie even if he felt that way. I mean the I got a rock gag worked due to his feelings, but here we can clearly see that he missed due to Lucy. If Lucy actually didn’t pull the ball the last time, and Charlie missed on his own during the one chance he had to kick it, that would make more sense and play toward his feelings.

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