Rowdy C Patreon Update

Greetings, all my Rowdy Friends! With the fifth anniversary of TV Trash approaching, this is as good a time as any to let you all know that I am updating the terms of my Patreon campaign so that you will all know exactly what you can get – as well as set my own standards on making sure you are all adequately rewarded.

$1 – Donors will get at least one new “Rowdy Riff” video each month. Most of these Rowdy Riffs are exclusive to my Parteons/donors. TV episode for the riff not included.
$5 – Donors will get, in addition to the monthly Rowdy Riffs, a digital copy of each ovum in my “Quest Seekers” fantasy novel series. This is an ongoing series with one volume currently published and the second soon to be. Patreons/donors may be eligible to score a copy of a new volume before its official publishing on Amazon Kindle.
$10 – Donors will get, in addition to the Riffs and books, special downloads of previous TV Trash episodes. These videos are in mp4 format for easy play on any computer to be viewed at an time without the need of streaming and can even include special extensive footage not released on videos currently online!

I am also looking into possibilities as to what I can do to expand my review shows and give you more material should I start reaching certain milestones on number of Patreons and the total amount donated monthly.

And yes, many of these are coming very soon. Once the fifth anniversary review is done, the next week will hopefully get me the free time to start sending quite a few of these.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends!

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