Bobcat Joe: Cocktail

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TV Trash: 10 Dumbest Power Rangers Moments

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TLOTA: Behind The Scenes: Bad Romance: My Super Ex-Girlfriend/Valentine’s Day/Hitch

James Faraci (Off-screen): Everyone ready? (Everyone nods) ready and ACTION! (Everyone walks forward until Nick’s bow string snaps and Eric falls down and everyone laughs and James shouts CUT! Scene cuts to James as he drives up to the studio as Combine Harvester plays in the background.)

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Wrestling Mark Show: SNME 3/14/87

NOTE: I recorded this just after WWE Fastlane and before the following SmackDown where AJ Styles was removed from the world title match at WrestleMania. Still, I feel a number of issues I was summarizing in the opener to this video remain accurate regarding WWE’s inability to build compelling characters and storylines over the past year.

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TLOTA: Realty Checkout – Eva Marie

TLOTA: Believe it or not, I was once a wrestling fan but then came bad choices left and right like when WWE bought out WCW, then came the first attempt at the brand split between Raw & Smackdown! The straw that broke my back as a WWE fan was giving John Laurinitis control of both shows and after that came me being a fan of TNA or as they’re calling themselves now Impact Wrestling. The less said about that company and Dixie Carter’s ability to run the company the better because they forced me into being a retired Pro Wrestling Fan. I’ll watch if there’s nothing else except for Lucha Underground or WCPW they seem to be giving me effort in their promotions though I will check out the occasional WWE Royal Rumble and or WrestleMania but the only reason I don’t watch is for one red headed reason!

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Dukect Lounge:A Rowdy look at the road at Wrestlemania

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TV Trash: Gilligan’s Planet

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… a very very stupid tale…

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Old School Lane Casual Chats Episode 78: The Disney Renaissance Era

I show up to talk with Patricia of Old School Lane to discuss the Disney Renaissance and how I think it shaped the beliefs of the Millenial generation.

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TLOTA Bad Romance: “Hitch”ing my hopes onto the future

TLOTA: WHO IN THE NAME OF ZEUS’ BUTTHOLE ARE YOU? (Cut to Felix Twitch)Felix Twitch: I’m here to change your luck when it comes love! All you need to do is trust my proven methods to change your world and I guarantee you will find the Mister or Miss Right in your life. My name is Felix Twitch and I am going to make happy couples for you.

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Wrestling Mark Show: Rowdy Reviews Brawl For All

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