Ninja Turtles Retrospective: Turtles Forever

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    While I see many of your points, I feel there is a bit of Flanderization in their personalities out of battle. Also Krang’s comments about a tickle ray is a bit much even for that show. Still I feel that where they get it right, they REALLY get it right. My main beef is that the reverse is also true in where they get it wrong, and I don’t count voice work in that.

    • Robbie Walker says:

      How is it any worse than what Trans-Dimensional Turtles tried to do a crossover? I don’t care what Phelous said, there were a lot of things wrong!
      In Turtles Forever, both incarnations give compliments as much as insults (I counted 17 compliments, and 6 insults on the Fred Wolf Half, 9 compliments and 7 insults on the 4Kids Half, and 4 compliments and 2 insults on the Mirage Half, with 2 compliments and 2 insults for all respective universes, and 2 complimentary things about the overall crossover).
      Trans-Dimensional Turtles, on the otherhand, focused too much on giving so much insults, that it’s not even funny anymore (The Fred Wolf Series may have gotten a complimentary Pizza shot gag for a joke, but the rest are nothing but insults; the rest of the stuff is even insulting to TMNT in general, like how Krang looks nothing like a “Kraang”, or that the Utroms look too similar to the Kraang… or perhaps the animators are too lazy to do any research! The Mirage Scene was a waste of time!)
      I don’t know what type of Ninja Turtles that Phelous was thinking about, but I think he needs to understand that not everything has to be dramatic all the time!

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