Ninja Turtles Retrospective: Turtles Forever

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  1. Zarus Tyran says:

    While I see many of your points, I feel there is a bit of Flanderization in their personalities out of battle. Also Krang’s comments about a tickle ray is a bit much even for that show. Still I feel that where they get it right, they REALLY get it right. My main beef is that the reverse is also true in where they get it wrong, and I don’t count voice work in that.

    • Robbie Walker says:

      How is it any worse than what Trans-Dimensional Turtles tried to do a crossover? I don’t care what Phelous said, there were a lot of things wrong!
      In Turtles Forever, both incarnations give compliments as much as insults (I counted 17 compliments, and 6 insults on the Fred Wolf Half, 9 compliments and 7 insults on the 4Kids Half, and 4 compliments and 2 insults on the Mirage Half, with 2 compliments and 2 insults for all respective universes, and 2 complimentary things about the overall crossover).
      Trans-Dimensional Turtles, on the otherhand, focused too much on giving so much insults, that it’s not even funny anymore (The Fred Wolf Series may have gotten a complimentary Pizza shot gag for a joke, but the rest are nothing but insults; the rest of the stuff is even insulting to TMNT in general, like how Krang looks nothing like a “Kraang”, or that the Utroms look too similar to the Kraang… or perhaps the animators are too lazy to do any research! The Mirage Scene was a waste of time!)
      I don’t know what type of Ninja Turtles that Phelous was thinking about, but I think he needs to understand that not everything has to be dramatic all the time!

    • Skybyte says:

      I thought who hated Turtles Forever also hated the 2003 series for being different and that the 1987 Turtles were not treated as sacred like in the 2012 series or the main characters.

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