Ninja Turtles Retrospective: Nick Series Season 2

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7 Responses to Ninja Turtles Retrospective: Nick Series Season 2

  1. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    I hope that when season 5 ends you’ll do the three seasons since this. Rumor has it season 5 is the end of the series

  2. Zarus Tyran says:

    The one thing I’ll defend is the butt cannons as they are NOT a reference to Johnny Test, but an homage to Astro Boy. And yes even in the original Anime, he had guns in his rear.

  3. NSX says:

    You know, watching this, it really doesn’t seem like your criticisms ever seem to go too much deeper than “They changed it, now it sucks.”. You just sit here and fanboy outrage over everything without even trying to look at it as if it’s trying to completely be it’s own thing, and your over-defensiveness of the original Turtles, when they don’t even really say anything outwardly negative about it and they clearly respect it, just comes off like you REALLY are dead-set against giving this a chance.

    It really bothers me that you can’t admit that they are vastly changing things in order to let it be it’s own identity. Because most fans actually LIKE and APPRECIATE that about this and how creative they seem to be getting with it. It’s an entirely separate re-invention, and even when you say your reasons for not liking the changes out loud, they really don’t sound to me, like things that are that bad on their own.

    • NSX says:

      (cont) Also the “deep breaths” knee-jerking here is even worse than the Turtles Forever review because I never thought they were THAT far off the mark or THAT bad there as other people seem to exaggerate it to be. The 80’s Turtles WERE ridiculous and filled with plot and logic holes. It’s just a fact, and whenever a newer work points this out, or conveys this even when they’re doing it with still some reverence and respect behind it, I find guys like you and Phealous rage way too hard about it and certainly more than it deserved, out of rose-tinted nostalgia goggles and defensive fanboyism than anything else.

      And that’s really how I see you looking at this almost entirely, with trying too hard to expect to hate everything and nitpicking it and targeting it soley for that and little other reason. In short, you are way too unfair to this, still.

    • Skybyte says:

      Did you even watch his Turtles Forever review? He praised it unlike that fanboy Phelous who took his turtles too seriously

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