Ninja Turtles Retrospective: Fred Wolf Series Season 3

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  1. Robbie Walker says:

    16:28 – 17:10: TOO LATE! Nickelodeon did that too in THEIR Turtles cartoon… only WORSE! Their Fanboy in the reboot was Timothy who is far more annoying than Zach. Let me explain, and maybe it would help out a little better for those who want to make stories: If you want the “Scrappy Doo” of the series be interesting… don’t make him a wimp, have him/her take credit for everyone else, or be dead weight/distraction to the main heroes!
    I can see that Zach is not much of a hero per say, but at least he’s trying, and is only falling on his own two feet, and only hurts the others by accident, not to mention, the fight was too much for the bad guys to handle that they ran away like scaredy cats, making the Turtles’ mission a success, even by “stupid humor” standards… Timothy– oh, I’m sorry, “the Pulverizer”, is not much of a good fighter, and is getting in the way of the turtles fighting against the bad guys, thus having them get away successfully, making the Turtles’ mission a failure, even by “stupid humor” standards.
    Did I forget to mention that “the Pulverizer” IS A STALKER!?! He just knew about the Turtles from a battle between them and Baxter Stockman (BTW, you forgot to mention that Baxter was originally, ethnically, African American in the original comics) a few months ago, prior to the time Timothy became a distraction to the Turtles. Even the Turtles pointed out that he’s a stalker (BTW, Writing 101, never have a chacter detach itself from any other character besides himself/herself, because that means it also detaching itself from the universe it lives in). Boy, and I thought Spongebob had the worst treatment. The first episode, and Timothy is already at stalker standards! At least with Zach, he’s more believable, because he’s a kid, and you could argue that the only resources he got were comics and television (especially the news where the Turtles were first brought up to begin with).
    Zach looks up to the Turtles like they are his heroes, and hope to be like them when he grows up, maybe be a fire fighter or police man. Timothy is like an idiotic manchild that is in need of help, because of his unhealthy obsession.
    Another thing… while Zach MAY have been a nuisance, at least he made good impressions to SOME people… LIKE SPLINTER HIMSELF! Okay, so Shredder was taking “Capciniam Crystals”, and the Turtles must stop him; however, Zach came by and got into trouble by accident. Raph saved Zach, but the Turtles didn’t have a good strategy in stopping Shredder from getting away with the Crystals. Remember, there’s suppose to be a balance thing were Villains earns points almost as much as the Heroes. After they failed, Zach putted paint (from his “Junior Dectective Kit”) on their feet, without being noticed about it, so they would somehow lead him to their headquarters, and when he was introduced to Splinter, he welcomes Zach with open arms, knowning that his sons, the turtles, were very careless.
    And what do we get with Timothy? Just being so incompetent that he doesn’t care about how to learn “Karate Kid Style”, and when Splinter saw him, Splinter was displeased! I get that Splinter in the 2012 series keeps telling the turtles to not be seen by anyone, but this is going way too far, because that’s very UN-neighborly of Splinter to speak like that… but still, this is Timothy we’re talking, so I’ll let it slide.
    Anyways, Zach was suppose to promise to both Splinter and the Turtles that he would not interfere with the battle between the Turtles and the Shredder, but unfortunately, it backfired when Shredder found out Zach’s Bicycle License Plate (I have to ask, is there such a thing as that?), and the when Bebop and Rocksteady tried to find Zach but failed through incompetence, they exposed their plan thinking that they’re alone and Zack was a clown toy. Zach wanted to help out fearing about the situation, and, being torn about his promise, broke it, but was still hurt about the consequences that he think will happen.
    Eventually he was captured, and so were all four of the turtles… but Zach had a plan… earlier in the episode, Zach used his Mike from his “Junior Detective Kit” onto the Turtlecom, and it cause a seriously harmful soundwave in the sewers. This somehow became useful to it’s advantage when Shredder and Krang were almost going to take over the world, but with the soundwave I mentioned before, the crystals shattered, and one piece of it fell near Leo’s foot. They cut loose, Shredder escaped, and the Turtles and Splinter welcomed Zach as the new member. This made Zach happy and he would hope to make a fanclub dedicated to this moment. Yeah, Zach may be a silly character, but his heart was in the right place.
    Timothy, Good Lord Almighty, he’s horrible! getting back to the Pulverizer, he didn’t do anything right to help, all he did was make matters worse for the turtles to lose everytime! I don’t even care about talking about him anymore because of how terrible he is, and I’m glad he got mutilated in his next episode. I don’t think Roger Craig Smith (the voice of “Timothy/Pulverizer”) is that bad of a person, especially with Regular Show and the upcoming Sonic Boom, but why pick such horrible characters? If I were to pick between Zach and Timothy, Zach would be the much better candidate, because he knows how to deal with these situations and at least know what to do about it.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      For what it’s worth, I think I do point out in the later reviews of this series that Zach got somewhat better in the later seasons. And as for Baxter’s ethnicity – just be patient, my reviews on the 4Kids series are still to come.

      • Robbie Walker says:

        Okay. BTW, I sent you a friend request on facebook. I hope we can do some chats… plus I’m going to be an actor. Do you think I can help out on something? Like do voices for your jokes or characters? I’m not going to voice your original characters like Cecil Felicitous and Perkins Persnickety, (except already made characters like Garfield and the Cat in the Hat, not that your voice is bad, mind you). I can do really neat voice impressions, and am willing to help if you like.

        • rowdycmoore says:

          I’m not so sure I want to enlist other people’s aid as long as I’m not able to compensate them. I feel guilty enough that Carey and Lauren have helped me on a pro bono basis, and that’s my sister and a friend I’ve known for many years.

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