NewsCrap: F*** You, New York Post!!!

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  1. Dr. Thinker says:

    This month is April. I’m guessing that new story was printed on April Fool’s Day as a joke. In other worlds, you and the two subjects fallen for a old April Fool’s Day.

    Logging off,
    Dr. Thinker

    P.S. You might want to check out “Trans-Dimensional Turtles” of Nick’s “Turtles” series. I’m bet you give it eight Turtles shells. 🙂

    • rowdycmoore says:

      I wanted to believe that, but I’m fairly certain it was published some days after April 1.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      It looks like the Post published it on April 7. Now, the Sun did publish it first, so maybe they did it on April 1, but that just means the Post fell for the joke and followed up on it days later – which would be even more egregious since Murdoch owns both.

      • rowdycmoore says:

        So the original story in the Sun was published on April 6 and the Post published its own version the next day. This was not an April Fools joke. This was horrible tabloid journalism.

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