Jessica Kasumi Thoughts: Does Modern Television Suck?

It recently came to my attention, that television programs are getting weirder, and dumber, which got me to thinking, “Does Modern Television Really Suck?”. In short order,the answer is mostly, “yes”. In order to do this post, I had to sit through hours of television programs, and while I won’t be calling out any particular show, I will list some of the major issues that make modern television a serious letdown in my personal opinion.

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2 Responses to Jessica Kasumi Thoughts: Does Modern Television Suck?

  1. theotherdude92 says:

    Better Call Saul
    Game of Thrones
    American Crime
    The People vs OJ Simpson
    The Americans
    Fargo the Television Show
    Broad City
    Silicon Valley
    The Knick
    Orange is the New Black
    House of Cards
    Adventure Time
    Steven Universe
    The Leftovers
    Mr Robot
    The Last Kingdom
    Penny Dreadful
    Ash vs Evil Dead

    With shows like these, I find it hard for anyone to say TV sucks now.

  2. LTTP, but i would also add Luther, The Expanse, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I agree with her on television news and reality shows, but concerning scripted TV, we live in a golden age.

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