Epic Film Fail w/Rowdy: Descendants 2

Rowdy has apparently been summoned to get Adam J back in the game. But will they survive a sequel to one of Disney’s most infamous recent products?

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4 Responses to Epic Film Fail w/Rowdy: Descendants 2

  1. Angry girl says:

    Okay screw your Rowdy, the songs were fantastic and is better. This just felt like two grown man children complaining over a meh movie. I like you Rowdy, but this was a weak review.

  2. Rae says:

    Yeah keep attacking fanfiction writers, that doesn’t hurt at all. Dang fanfiction isn’t all bad! When effort is put into it, it can be good! Sorry I’m working on something right now, so that jab hurt.

  3. Rae says:


    This is angry girl and rae and although I dislike your opinion for this movie and think the songs were at least great, I am sorry for replying the way I did. Also do you hate fanfiction, because I’m working on one and actually putting a lot of effort into it. Your cracks at fanfiction hurt way more than I thought it would. I’m off track, like I said before, I’m really sorry for my outburst and I hope you can forgive me,

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Two things: First, I hope you understand that, since everything said here was in the persona of my reviewer character, all my views stated here may have been exaggerated. I won’t say I actually like these movies, but I wouldn’t say they drive me to the extreme rage that my online character may exude towards them.

      Second, I will admit I may have a slight bias against fanfiction just from the perspective that almost all the fanfics I wanted to read were never finished – the author just gave up on them, which would be like me releasing one part of a video and never bothering to make/release the rest of it.

      I will say this: Fanfiction is a hobby as far as I see it, and if it’s a hobby you like to do, that’s great. It’s done for fun, so a lot of the really nonsensical elements (particularly within the context of the fic is about), can be forgiven even if I didn’t care for them, and thus why I don’t review fanfiction. But when it comes to something professionally produced and distributed, I expect a little better quality. Especially something like this movie series that I feel degrades some of the most beloved stories and characters that Disney has ever created before.

      To sum this up: These Descendants movies do feel like fanfiction to me. And if they were just that, something fans put together for fun and put on a forum somewhere, I would not have a beef with them. It just irritated me that actual resources were used to make this into a full commercial production when the effort could have been used to make something better. Just my view.

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