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  1. Connor Hanafin says:

    Hey Chris,

    I saw your Alice review months back and here’s something that might surprise you. I saw the house where it was filmed at the Disney Hollywood Studios when it was called MGM studios. It was during the spring of 1998 and I was 7 years of age when I saw it. But sadly the house has been demolished due to that motors stunt show. I thought I might let you know.

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Sorry it took me so long to approve this comment; I’ve had a mess of trouble with spam and this one got lost in it. Yeah, might have liked to have seen that house when I was younger.

  2. (Revised version of previous message)

    Hello Mr. Moore,

    I originally left some comments on Blip regarding your videos and their content via Disqus as well as a message to you on Facebook congratulating you for your speech on Seth McFarlane and some of the episodes of Family Guy that you and many others did not like or care for.

    Now in the past, you’ve done episodes of TV Trash regarding comic strips and their TV animation adaptations.

    As I’m sure you know, you’ve probably heard of shows like The Smurfs and The Adventures of Tintin and The Snorks (both of whom are based on long-running Franco-Belgian comic book series that are extremely popular in Continental Europe, most of the other 3-4 continents and even in, Canada).


    You once had an episode where you reviewed “The Garfield Show”. It was one of the few-to-many instances where France adapted American properties for their market.

    Well, did you know that besides The Smurfs and Tintin that this wasn’t the only time that America adapted European media for the market?


    Have you ever heard of these characters and the series that they’re apart of?

    The characters in question that I’m referring to and information about them can be found on these sites here:

    and here:

    The former had a short lived series that didn’t make as much of a splash as the Smurfs did and the latter had English dubs of most of the animated movies that were never released in the States.

    Also, in the case of L.L., this was not the only time that Hanna-Barbera Productions have adapted something from another country.

    There’s this:

    and this:

    Oh, and guess what, Haim Saban and Shuki Levy actually helped in co-composing the music alongside Claude Bolling.

    (Speaking of Saban, he also had an animation studio in Paris (if you can believe it) where he made 2 more animated adaptations of Franco-Belgian comics like this:


    i know that you’re busy and I’m sure that you have other reviews to make. But here’s something else that you could consider for future episodes of TV Trash.



  3. Lamar Benjamin says:

    Hi can you do a review of a Peanuts special called Why Charlie Brown Why?
    you can find it on Youtube and i did a review on it check it out

  4. Isolder74 says:

    If you want something you could do with The Cartoon Hero again you might want to look into the Clutch Cargo series.

    You can almost call it the bottom of the barrel of animation production quality. I’m not sure you can call it the bottom of the barrel as the stories are at least somewhat enjoyable, if fairly cliche.

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