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NewsCrap: Holiday Edition

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NewsCrap: F*** You, New York Post!!!

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NewsCrap: The Pot-Smoking Twerk of Satan

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NewsCrap: April 1, 2015

Why whine on a bunch of fake stories when we could instead touch on REAL issues for once???

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NewsCrap: February 24, 2015

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NewsCrap: January 27, 2015

NOTE: I apologize to all about this being a voiceover-only version. After everything else I had to deal with over the past few days, the video quality came out terrible and I just could not record again and get this … Continue reading

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NewsCrap: I Shall Not Play With Axl, Megan and Johnny in the Name of Friendship

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NewsCrap: I Don’t Like Fake Butts, Anti-Vaxxers or Eight Legged Freaks

What’s worse, people continuing to believe anti-medical propaganda, or suggesting improper relations at the WORST possible time?

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