Candid With Chris: About The PO’d Pizza Guy

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  1. James Faraci says:

    September 15th 2014 dude. Also I enjoy The P.O’ed Pizza Guy. He vents his frustrations and uses the biggest forum out there to do so, The Internet.

  2. stewie says:

    I find absolutely nothing wrong with PO’d Pizza Guy. All that stuff about you needing help is B.S. because the PO’d Pizza Guy is nothing but a character, it’s not who you REALLY are in real life. If characters people display online was how the people who portray them need help in real life then James Rolfe would be in a loony bin because your PO’d guy is kinda tame compared to what he does as The Angry Video Game Nerd. And that’s just the character he displays, not who he really is so does that mean that HE needs help? I think not.

    I love your shows and I love the PO’d Pizza Guy and I think you have a right to take the character in any direction you see fit to. I look forward to seeing more PO’d episodes and can’t wait to see what the Pizza Guy rants about next! He’s entertaining and not the slightest bit offensive to me.

  3. Well, I can’t say anything bad about the PO’d Pizza Guy having watched those episodes sometime back. He’s a character you do well, and I think it’s a good idea to have something that can allow you to vent frustrations on things other than TV. I can see why you worry about how your real life personality is comparing with the characters you created, I remember in your commentary of the Rainbow Brite episode that you have been dealing with them as it is. Think about it this way, Bill Watterson said in the Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary Book that the best part about Calvin’s character was that he didn’t agree with him. Maybe you should treat your characters the same way, look at them as exaggerated examples of people you don’t want to be in real life. Maybe they reflect your views on certain shows, but I’m smart enough to know it’s meant to be entertainment.

    I for one have been unnerved by people who have the same political views as me, so I know what it means how not to be certain people. But acting is just that, an act. Sure some like Adam Sandler only seem to want to play the same type of character, but much to what is not visible to the public eye is just another person and you make that known by just uploading a video of just yourself like this one and I trust your judgement, especially since you’re willing to go against popular opinions at times.

  4. cyndaquil13 says:

    Surely you’ve read comments to video’s. People say all sorts of crazy things when they think they have anonymity. Complaining probably surpasses porn in reasons to use the internet.

    What you do differently is ( A ) You talk about things that bother you as opposed to projecting your pet peeves onto serious issues like Creationism, feminism, the handling of the ebola outbreak, or which is the best Batman movie. ( B ) You put your face out there so people have someone to target for something we all do anyway.

    My advice is to relax. This doesn’t prove rage issues. Maybe it’s just a character to you. If it is venting then that’s still okay. One thing I’ve noticed is that in the workplace people always vilify the guy who gets angry. People around you find ways to be jerks in a calm or jovial manner, but the guy who raises his voice and tells someone “I don’t have to take this shit,” is looked down on. This is a problem. People need healthy outlets. Heck, I’m venting a bit with this very response.

    Remember this saying: “Stress is just the confusion one experiences when the mind resists the bodies natural desire to strangle the shit out of someone who deserves it.”

    • rowdycmoore says:

      Well, these people weren’t exactly anonymous, for what that’s worth. These were Facebook friends that I got into a very heated argument with over these past few weeks over some issues, specifically my real life belief that the game of football, the NFL and its fans are cavalier at best toward the violence committed against women by its players. These two individuals proceeded to attack my (real-life personal) character and call me a hypocrite because I watch fantasy violence and made violent jokes as the Pizza Guy, like the threat of the hot sauce enema. So it was a bit more personal for me. I should point out that I have since unfriended them.

      • Robbie Walker says:

        So what? My Aunt Cindy thinks “cartoons are dumb”, but they’re only dumb if you don’t treat the plot, people, or location as real as what was recorded on a video camera. Trust me, I have similar problems… just not with sports, because I’m not that type of person.

  5. Stephan Rose says:

    I have NO PROBLEM with the Pissed Off Pizza Guy. We have all heard all our lives “don’t be mean to the person who makes your food,they’ll put something in it!” Pizza Guy is just the manifestation of that.The humor COMES from what he says he does to the food,because he is treated so disrespectfully. I think you FB friends were way off base,and kudos to you for calling out football fans for not taking women’s safety seriously.

  6. I think the only reason the revenge fantasies are so shocking to me is that you aren’t so dark in your other stuff, but it’s darker than I personally enjoy. So I’m not really drawn to the show. That said, while you brought up worries in the past that you were getting too angry in your reviews I haven’t seen evidence in your work that suggests deep mental issues, so if POed Pizza Guy isn’t the only thing they’ve seen they would know better. At the very least I’m sure he has a point regarding the stupid things customers do.

  7. Dan says:

    Everyone needs to vent sometimes and the PO’D Pizza Guy is just your way of doing that.

    What the people who are criticizing the character don’t understand is that everyone vents in different ways, some people scream and throw things, some people go on profanity filled tirades, some people hit things (or people if they’re real dicks) and others (like you) use gallows humor to bring some levity to a serious issue/situation.

    the problem with those who are easily “offended” is they take everything so literally that they can’t see the humor in anything.

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