USA Today is reporting that the “Batman” live-action TV series from the 1960s should finally get a DVD release in 2014.

The news was originally reported by late-night talk host Conan O’Brien and was later confirmed by the newspaper.

The 1960s series, which starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as sidekick Robin was one of the more prominent versions of the DC Comics character for years, especially before the movies began coming out. It has been both celebrated and reviled by fans for its campy style that was in tune with the Silver Age of Comics.

However, it was believed that a full video release of the series might never happen due to various legal reasons, the largest of which was that Fox technically owned the rights to the show’s episodes while Time Warner owns the rights to Batman and all other DC characters.Warner Bros. Entertainment is reported to be releasing the box set later this year.

Interest in the series may have increased since DC release the comic book series “Batman ’66,” which is in continuity with the TV series.

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