Bobcat Joe: Murder in Small Town X

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3 Responses to Bobcat Joe: Murder in Small Town X

  1. James Faraci says:

    Interesting factoid one of the contestants in that series sacrificed his life to save as many as he could on 9/11

  2. The winner, to be exact. He was a firefighter even after winning all that money and the truck. He died both saving lives and doing what he loved. You have to have to respect the man.

    I actually guessed the winner but let my self be swayed by the misdirection because I hated the character so much I thought I was being too biased. I’d make a terrible detective.

  3. Joe Gutfeld says:

    I mentioned the fact that the winner was killed at the WTC exactly one week after the last episode aired. I guessed who the killer was by the first episode. They went a different way on why the killer did what he did.

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