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Epic Film Fail w/Rowdy: Descendants 2

Rowdy has apparently been summoned to get Adam J back in the game. But will they survive a sequel to one of Disney’s most infamous recent products?

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TV Trash: The Little Mermaid (w/Patricia Miranda)

As Rowdy escapes to the Magic Kingdom, should you make this Disney prequel series part of your world?

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Rowdy Reviews: Family Guy Back to the Pilot

Okay, I was planning to review the Family Guy Thanksgiving episode for Patreons, but that fell apart. So instead… I present to everyone… one of the most shockingly GOOD episodes I’ve seen in a long time! Get the uncensored version … Continue reading

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TV Trash: Axe Cop

What… What did I just watch???

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The Rasslin Roundup: Survivor Series/Brian Zane

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Rowdy Reviews: South Park Safe Spaces

Full, uncensored version HERE. As a holiday treat, I will be releasing some of my Patreon exclusive reviews to you all!

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Rowdy and Friends: Stupidiot Strikes Back

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TV Trash: Greatest American Hero Web Series

Believe it or not, this actually got made…

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The Rasslin’ Roundup: WWE TLC

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The Rasslin’ Roundup: 10/5/17 – Enzo/ Hell In A Cell Rowdy, John and DukeCT preview HIAC and ask: Has Enzo Amore made the Cruiserweights worth watching?

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