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TV Trash: Team Galaxy

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The Rasslin’ Roundup: 7/22/17

Rowdy, John Weber and Jeff “Writrzblok” Gwinnip preview WWE Battleground and debate why there is a lack of strong babyfaces in wrestling currently. Follow our hosts at: https//

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Old School Lane Casual Chats: Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

I show up to talk with Patricia Miranda to discuss the underrated Tiny Toons movie.

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Rowdy and Friends: Computer Crash

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The Rasslin’ Roundup: 7/8/17 – Pilot/GBOF

The start of my new wrestling podcast with John Paul Weber of “The Punchline” fame!

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Rowdy & Friends: The Series! COMING THIS FALL!!! Rowdy’s newest and biggest adventures start this fall! Join Rowdy’s Patreon to get episodes before anyone else!!

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TV Trash: 10 Reasons Why Twin Peaks Failed

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Rowdy on the DukeCT Lounge: Money in the Bank Aftermath

I join Jeff “Writrzblok” Gwinnip on the DukeCT Lounge to discuss what happened with the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match.

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Rowdy Reviews Twin Peaks: Coming For All Patreons!

Rowdy takes on one of the most famous cult shows of all time right as it is getting revived! What was it about Twin Peaks that made it so compelling and influential, and what led to it ending so quickly? … Continue reading

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Wrestling – My Full Take on the IWC Smarks

(Note: I had originally intended this to be made in video form, and I may very well do that later on and add the video to this article.) Well, it’s been about a year now since I really started going … Continue reading

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