According to Jessica: “It’s For Kids” Rant

As most people know, I am a critic. I write my reviews as opposed to making videos. The stuff I review is targeted for a mainly adolescence themed subject these days. But, I thought I should add my two cents to the mix.

Now, if I had a Union Pacific EMD SD70ACe for every time I heard the title of the post above, I’d own the entire fleet by now. Whether it’s a stupid family film, or a family program on television (both live-action, and animated). When people like me, MrEnter or Chris Tomson post a negative review, the general perception is the same thing. And that is, “Oh, it’s for kids or families, so why the hell should you care?”

Why indeed? Find out HERE!

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One Response to According to Jessica: “It’s For Kids” Rant

  1. I think part of the problem may lie with the existence of animated shows made for adults. Shows like South Park and Family Guy have pushed boundaries in animated form, and it had created concern about the distinction between a cartoon made for kids and one that was made for older audiences. The result is that cartoons made for kids have to follow a certain set of guidelines to make sure they are 100% juvenile in tone and clean of anything mildly adult, and it compromises the story writing to where they can’t have any freedom. Sad but true, what they put out might be the best they are ALLOWED to come up with.

    Another problem are the focus groups that evaluate how shows are perceived by a select group of audiences, and often times they put more weight on the opinion of boys between the ages of 8 and 12. If a creator of a cartoon says it’s for kids of all ages, and the focus group finds that boys under eight and girls of any age enjoyed the show more than the the boys eight and up, the focus group calls the concept a failure. From there the studio or the network demand a retool to put in things they think will get the older boys to watch, or the concept is scrapped completely and the creator’s job is in jeopardy. Either way, if the boys of that age want action and butt kicking they will never favor that cartoon at the top of their list anyway so it’s a pointless assessment in the first place.

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