According to Jessica: Daytime Television Sucks!

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Disclaimer: The statements expressed in this blog, are solemnly my own opinion. These do not necessarily reflect everyone.

I hate Daytime Television. No really, I hate Daytime Television with a burning passion. Why? Well, the reason is a bit complex, so bear with me as I discuss why I hate Daytime Television.

First of all, Daytime Television is very repetitive. If it’s not the personalities talking about their personal drama, then it’s some stupid crap about the celebrities. I don’t mind the occasional tidbit, but, when you make it a majority of your programmings time slot, then you must really have nothing better to do than to talk about the same bull crap every weekday. Next, in an attempt to be hip, they try to help you in ways that really they don’t need to do. A good example is, when they try to help you save money. First of all, you’re not economists, thus it’s not your job to try to teach people about saving cash on things. Then, they have this contrived notion, that we need to dress like celebrities. Uh, no. The last I checked, they have millions, if not, billions of dollars so they can spend it on whatever the hell they want, but, the average viewer does not. And besides, what about originality, it seems that the personalities throw it out of the window because it’s not cool to be yourself, but, it is cool to look like a star. Give me a break! I don’t dress like them, I dress like myself, because, I like to look original, and not like a carbon copy.

If it’s not that, then they bring up their personal lives. I’m sorry, but, I don’t want to know what’s going on in your personal lives. If I wanted to know that, then I’d know you as a person, and not as a viewer looking in.

Then, they give away ‘free’ items. I’m sorry, but 90% of what they claim is ‘free’, really isn’t. I have spoke to a friend at the IRS, and he tells me, that when you get those ‘free’ items, you still have to register them on your taxes. Now, books and coupons are not what I am referring to. I’m referring to those expensive trips, and new automobiles, as well as those cash prizes. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but you’re not really gonna get off Scott-free for those items, you have to let Uncle Sam know about them.

Next, they seem to never focus on local people. Yes, the majority of these programs are done in New York City and talk about Hollywood, and local stations never decide to fill that time for a show highlighting local people such as volunteers on a tourist railroad like say, the Wilmington and Western Railroad in Delaware. (Chris Kovacs, I said this as a shout out to you.) But, instead of focusing on how we can improve our local area, or learning about amazing things in our local area, we see these over glamified divas or dudes talking about random bull crap on a weekly basis.

So, how do we fix this piece of shit. Well, we eliminate these pieces of garbage, and replace them with more local programs that show how wonderful your local area is, and not to focus on what the stars are doing. If you want to help people save money, bring an economist in, and actually let him offer some good money saving tips, and not these flimsy ones we see on television right now. Eliminate the excessive celebrity talking. We don’t need to see or hear from them every waking moment, it’s head throbbing and makes you want to take a sledgehammer to your television. Leave your personal crap out of it. We don’t need to know what’s going on in your lives. We’re not your neighbors or close friends, so keep us out of it.

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