Update on Video embeds

For those wondering, while I am currently pushing to get the next Rowdy & Friends episode finished (I want it released to at least $10 Patreons by Monday at the latest), I am also in the process of making sure all my video posts at least include embeds from sources other than Vidme in the wake of Vidme shutting down. As of this post, almost all TV Trash posts have been fixed, and I will then be moving on to the Zelda Retrospective, Ninja Turtles Retrospective, NewsCrap, Wrestling Mark and Rowdy & Friends.

Here’s the tentative plan so far: Within the next few days, I should be making sure most if not all my videos are up on Springboard (unless they have an uncensored YouTube upload). Within the next couple of months, I will be looking at an additional embed for all videos, be they through OneDrive or Vimeo. I will keep you informed.
Stay Rowdy!

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Rowdy Reviews: Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Did the Twin Peaks theatrical movie do ANYTHING to answer the questions the show left viewers with?

For the uncensored version: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkwvtrtLniSygP4qdzp8c9mgHs_vlA

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Rowdy Reviews South Park: Scott Tenorman Must Die

Hope you’re having a Happy Holiday season! In this previously released Patreon exclusive… yes, dare I say I actually LIKE THIS episode???

For the uncensored version: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkwvtrtLniSyhTI2BQ4YnbHnwYKQ

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In the wake of Vidme’s end

I have heard, as a number of you probably have as well, that Vidme is shutting down as of December 14, making it yet another failure to become a sustainable and viable alternate video server and put any type of dent in the hegemony YouTube has established.

This is very disappointing for sure, but my sadness lies toward those friends and colleagues of mine who are going to suffer more because they are not as fortunate with the additional resources I have.

Me – I still have access to Manic Expression’s Springboard channel and can upload videos there. I also have a Vimeo channel that I have not used very much, mainly because there is an upload limit of I believe 500 MB per week, but I may look into seeing what I can do.

More than anything, though, this is convincing me more and more that I may have to rely on my own OneDrive account more than anything. I know this might not be optimal for quite a few of you because we have recently discovered that any embeds from OneDrive posted to the site automatically kick into fullscreen mode. I will try to find out what causes that and see if it can be stopped, but just keep in mind that there may come a day where I have no choice but to only use OneDrive embeds.

I will definitely be spending the next few days/weeks working to replace the embeds on all my pages; please keep me informed in the coming weeks if I miss one on any page. I am sorry that you have to deal with this as much as I do, and I will try to make everything as easy for all of you as I can.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.

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Rowdy and Friends: Black Friday Blues

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Epic Film Fail w/Rowdy: Descendants 2

Rowdy has apparently been summoned to get Adam J back in the game. But will they survive a sequel to one of Disney’s most infamous recent products?

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TV Trash: The Little Mermaid (w/Patricia Miranda)

As Rowdy escapes to the Magic Kingdom, should you make this Disney prequel series part of your world?

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Rowdy Reviews: Family Guy Back to the Pilot

Okay, I was planning to review the Family Guy Thanksgiving episode for Patreons, but that fell apart. So instead… I present to everyone… one of the most shockingly GOOD episodes I’ve seen in a long time!

Get the uncensored version here.

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TV Trash: Axe Cop

What… What did I just watch???

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The Rasslin Roundup: Survivor Series/Brian Zane

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