TV Trash: 150th Episode

It’s here. Will the sesquicentennial episode finally be what it takes for Rowdy to be his old self again?
Note: I am linking to this video rather than embedding it because so far I have been unable to see if Dailymotion even allows for thumbnail images/title cards, and I fear whatever image is selected for the thumbnail will ruin the surprise of what this review is. So just click and hopefully enjoy, my Rowdy Friends!

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TLOTA: “Anger” towards myself

TLOTA: 2014 has been chaotic to say the least for the two of us.

Rowdy: I hear ya. I let “The Murk” get to me, I mean I got so bad that I wanted to get rid of all the color in the world. But how did that figure into the plans of The Wicked?

TLOTA: Well, if the color in the world was gone for good and all there was left misery & sorrow they would’ve looked at anyone who could return the color even false Profits like “The Wicked”. Then of course our big event. But the one that haunts me is the fact that we buried one of our own and now once I come off this hillside, I’m going to review a movie that got turned into a porno sitcom by Charlie Sheen that is so tasteless and so god awful it might drive you into a place where you might do something worse because people will be wondering when you’re going to review that porno sitcom and I can’t live with knowing I drove you to that point on my conscience Maybe I should review something else, something that won’t drive you to that point.

Rowdy: James, I appreciate that you care about me that much and I know that 2014 has been rough for everyone but, I will have to eventually review that porno sitcom on TV Trash. Will I make comparisons to the movie? Yes. Why? Because it was slightly better but not by that much and truth be told, I haven’t seen either the movie or the series. But when I do, I hopefully will have the wherewithal to withstand that garbage. Does it make you feel a little better?

TLOTA: Well, enough to do the review. The other obvious problem I’m going to have is the idiot fringe that is the “Happy Madison” audience and we’re going to have to do something extreme to keep them at bay, you especially.

Rowdy: I know. Come on, let’s review an Adam Sandler “Happy Madison” movie.

Ho boy. Find out what happens here!

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Video Masters: Super Mario Super Special

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Punchline Quickies

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Candid With Chris: About The PO’d Pizza Guy

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Video Masters: Retro Gaming Special II

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TV Trash: Saturday Night’s Main Event

TV Trash: Saturday Night's Main Event by rowdycmoore

Can Rowdy’s tag team partner help find something to slam his doldrums away?

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Video Masters: Atari Flashback II

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Punchline: XKCD time

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TV Trash: Small Wonder

TV Trash: Small Wonder by rowdycmoore

What will it take for Rowdy to get back in the game? Perhaps one of the strangest kids’ sitcoms from his own youth?

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