The Rasslin Roundup: 9/22/17 – No Mercy/Fantasy Booking 1

How should Ronda Rousey be booked in her WWE debut?
NOTE: I greatly apologize for the terrible audio quality of this edition. I tried a new audio setup that clearly does not work well; I will be working to fix things down the line.

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TV Trash: Chimp Lips Theater

Ace Gamer Reviews!

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Rowdy and Friends: Uber Fail (Sketch Preview)

The full episode comes this Sep. 28!

The Last of The Americans

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Rowdy Time: Jeff Nimoy Interview

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TV Trash: Out Of This World

Premiering this season by going back to the 80s, where almost ANYTHING could get made into a show.

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Rowdy And Friends: Pilot – Rowdy Goes Hollywood

It’s a new beginning for Rowdy and his compatriots! Can a Z-level Internet reviewer actually make it to the big time?

Ace Gamer Reviews!

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The Rasslin Roundup: A Smark Problem

I finally give my colleagues John Weber and Jeff Gwinnup the chance to counter my issues with the Internet smark wrestling fans.

For those who want to read the article I mention during the podcast:

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The Rasslin Roundup: Summerslam 2017

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DukeCT Lounge: DuckTales 2017 Pliot Podcast

I return to Duke’s podcast with a collection of others to discuss… the best reboot since the Peanuts Movie??

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Rowdy C Status: August 2017

I feel like I needed to release one more status video like this before things really start up again in the next couple of weeks.
I don’t know if you all feel like I haven’t been posting much material in the last few weeks, but it definitely feels to me like I haven’t.
However, while I admit that I have struggled with personal problems recently, which anyone who follows me on social media has likely seen, I have been doing what I can to stay busy.
Of course, I recently debuted my new wrestling podcast, The Rasslin Roundup. And I have actually been appearing on a number of different podcasts this summer, which I didn’t forsee happening.
However, the big thing for me has been the Rowdy and Friends series.
At this time, I actually have almost all the necessary footage I need for the first three episodes recorded, with just a handful of stuff involving other people remaining. And I hope to have that stuff done soon.
I’m not afraid to say, this project is where the majority of my attention and drive lie.
This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.
If you’ve seen the promo for the show that I posted a few weeks ago, you heard my character say something to the tune of – why can’t we start producing our own original material instead of just critiquing others? There is a lot of real life reflection in that.
Creating my own original series is something I’ve really wanted do. And actually, a sitcom involving the characters created for my review show was not my first idea. I actually have at least a couple more concepts for shows – but those would require much greater involvement from other performers, and I can’t guarantee the required availability for many more people yet because I still don’t have the resources to adequately make it worth their while. Hopefully, one day I can.
But this is still what I think I need to do to take my production to the next level.
I don’t think it’s surprising for me to tell anyone that the internet reviewer fad, while I won’t call it dead or even dying out, it’s definitely past its heyday. I’ve seen a number of friends and colleagues retire from reviewing in the last few years, at least as a full time gig.
Does that mean I’m going to stop reviewing? Not any time soon. I still hope to do at least a couple of reviews a month. I am definitely going to be scheduling out the requested reviews I have already received, so for all of you that have graciously made official Patreon requests, don’t worry, those are coming.
But while I have no plans to end TV Trash or my other reviews at this time, Rowdy and Friends is the future for me.
The first episode will be released to all Patreons next week, August 21 and will then be released on all my online outlets the following week on the 28th.
I really hope you all will enjoy it and look forward to your feedback. I know it won’t be perfect, I know I will make mistakes along the way, but I will keep pushing myself to improve. And I do that because of you guys.
I could have ended this whole operation and retreated into a hermit’s life years ago. But it’s because of all of you that have followed me for so long that I keep pushing forward. I may not have the largest fan base in the world, but knowing there are people out there that enjoy my work keeps me going.
And I hope that you’ll all be there for this next step.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.

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