Video Masters: Mini Review-a-thon

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NewsCrap: National DON’T Kill a Three-Breasted Woman Night – The Movie

Debuting the show with all the “news” that should NOT be fit to print!

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The Wrestling Mark: Hell in a Cell 2014

Who survived the Devil’s Playground? The Mark was there in person to find out!

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Chris on IndieReview Behind The Scenes

My interview with Michelle Cornwell Jordan and Jamie White, where I discuss TV Trash and my book “Quest Seekers: The Wyrmstone!”

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Rowdy and Film Geek: Alice in Wonderland

Originally produced in 2011, the lost review is back!
Author’s Note: Again, I want to stress that this is one review I’m not particularly proud of. I am posting it because I will never deny doing it, and I respect Steve’s opinions toward the film, but I definitely was much more harsh on the movie here than I would be in real life. It remains one of my favorite Disney movies, and I am probably going to be making apologies for the review any time anything referencing Alice in Wonderland is mentioned.

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Ace Gamer Quickie – Panic Restaurant

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Video Masters: Awesomo Collection

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Punchline Quickies: Volume 5

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TV Trash: ProStars

TV Trash: ProStars by rowdycmoore

We’re beginning our tribute to Saturday Morning cartoons with… THIS????

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TLOTA: How to have a Happy & Safe Halloween

TLOTA: I’m James Faraci The Last Of The Americans and the views…Actually the Tips I’m about to give come from a WHOLE lot of personal experience. Now brace yourself for a long, long time up until 2001 I trick or treated and I was born in 1982, think about that. I went as E.T., Sylvester the Cat from “Looney Tunes”, A pumpkin, A Ghostbuster, A hunter, An agent for the FBI, A Football Coach, The Riddler, the list is endless. So to say I have experience is an understatement and with that I want to give you guys some tips on how to have a Happy & Safe Halloween and have fun along the way.

Get James’ tips HERE!!!

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